Last updated: 28 Feb, 2019

This research summary provides a picture of participation in organised community sport in Victoria.

Download: Sport participation in Victoria, 2016 - Research summary (PDF, 884 KB)

Download: Sport participation rates: Victoria, 2016 (PDF, 665 KB)

The Sport Participation Research Project looks at sport participation trends from 2015–17 from 12 major Victorian state sporting associations, representing Australian football, basketball, bowls, cricket, football (soccer), golf, gymnastics, hockey, netball, sailing, swimming and tennis. The research was carried out with collaboration from a range of state sporting associations, government, peak sporting organisations and universities.

This research outlines participation rates and trends by age group and geographical area, highlighting key insights and recommendations to inform decision-making and investments by state sporting associations, clubs and associations, policymakers and funders of sport participation and future research.

Th 2016 research summary should be read in conjunction with the Sport participation in Victoria, 2015: Research Summary.
Key findings cover:
  • sport participation among young children
  • participation rates during adolescence
  • participation rates among females
  • participation rates in regional Victoria areas compared to metropolitan Melbourne


Previous research

2015 research

Download: Sport participation in Victoria, 2015: Research summary (PDF, 641 KB)

Download: Age profiles of sports participants: Victoria 2015 (573 KB)

Download: Sport participation rates: Victoria 2015 (630 KB)


VicHealth Physical Activity Research Practice Fellowship 2011-15

Download: Victorian participation in organised sport: Research highlights(PDF, 447 KB)

Download: Victorian participation in organised sport: Final report (PDF, 2.1 MB)