03 Dec, 2014 Last updated: 18 Dec, 2014

This year we have taken positive steps towards tackling our most pressing heath issues by engaging people where health happens – in our homes, workplaces, online and in our communities.

VicHealth’s work and achievements for the financial year 2013–14 is the first full year of the Action Agenda for Health Promotion – our vision and action plan for the next 3 years and beyond to 2023.

With the complexities of chronic disease growing and the pressure for sustainable health solutions a national priority, VicHealth’s unique role in health promotion and illness prevention has never been more important.

Removing the barriers to better health and reducing chronic illness is a massive task. We look forward to continuing our efforts to meet the challenge and make a difference to the health and wellbeing of all Victorians.

The 2013-14 Year in Review (5.2MB)
Chairs report
CEO's report and highlights of the year




Promoting healthy eating

Man amongst rubbish
  • Projecting future trends for overweight and obesity
  • Strengthening the case for state action on salt reduction
  • A social marketing initiative to influence a switch to water from sugary drinks
  • Improving access to healthy food using bright ideas and digital technology  
  • Connecting families, farms and food grown close to home
  • Building knowledge about the use of land in Victoria
  • Modelling policy interventions to protect Australia’s food security
  • Supporting healthy eating policies for Aboriginal organisations

Encouraging regular physical activity

People walking up stairs
  • Month-long ‘Walk to School’ campaign
  • Getting Melbourne’s city workers moving more
  • Survey of 2000+ parents to understand their fears about letting children play and travel independently
  • Inspiring more movement in children’s daily lives
  • TeamUp 20 Day Challenge with the AFL Players’ Association
  • Hundreds of small grants to sport and recreation clubs
  • Supporting sports clubs to be healthier and more welcoming
  • Getting physical through local arts initiatives
  • 12-hour dance session at Melbourne’s White Night
  • For You dance floor at the NGV’s Melbourne Now exhibition

Preventing tobacco use

No smoking sign
  • Extension of smoking bans in Victoria to train and tram platforms, public playgrounds, swimming pools and under-age sporting events
  • Longstanding partnership with the Quit program to prevent uptake and support people to quit
  • Declining cigarette sales following the introduction of plain packaging
  • Research into new trends and evidence to help those who find it hardest to quit

Preventing harm from alcohol

Lady texting on her phone
  • Exploring the role of alcohol in Victorians’ lives
  • Online campaign to encourage young people to talk about Victoria’s alcohol culture and challenge the social acceptability of getting drunk
  • Research into the impact of alcohol advertising during sports broadcasts
  • Survey of Australian cider drinkers
  • Joining forces with Hello Sunday Morning to encourage Victorians to press pause on their drinking
  • New research into ‘preloading’
  • Putting Victoria’s 19,000 liquor licences on the map

Improving mental wellbeing

Two people standing together
  • Groundbreaking partnership to prevent violence against women
  • Surveying community attitudes to violence against women so we are better placed to prevent it  
  • Empowering the football (soccer) community to respond to racism
  • Reshaping the thinking behind Indigenous employment participation
  • Understanding how children learn about cultural diversity
  • Identifying best practice approaches for addressing stress, gender inequality, alcohol-related harm, race-based discrimination and prolonged sitting at work
  • Thought-provoking suite of arts projects designed to celebrate cultural diversity
  • Supporting the Victorian Indigenous Performing Arts Awards

Supporting our strategic priorities

David Halpern

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