WHO’s Ottawa Charter and the Jakarta Declaration identified 10 key action areas for health promotion: 

  1. Build healthy public policy.
  2. Create supportive environments.
  3. Strengthen community action.
  4. Develop personal skills.
  5. Reorient health services towards primary health care.
  6. Promote social responsibility for health.
  7. Increase investments for health development to address social inequities leading to poor health.
  8. Consolidate and expand partnerships for health.
  9. Strengthen communities and increase community capacity to empower the individual.
  10. Secure an infrastructure for health promotion.

VicHealth draws on these internationally nominated action areas and works on:

  • creating and using knowledge acquired through research and evaluation
  • creating environments that foster good health
  • encouraging development of systems that support and sustain good health
  • communicating about priority health issues
  • supporting organisations to plan, implement and evaluate health promotion activity
  • facilitating participation and skill development
  • contributing to and advocating for healthy public policy and regulation

VicHealth applies the principles of, and strategies for, health promotion to a variety of population groups, risk factors, non-communicable diseases and in various settings.