VicHealth is the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, which was established in the late 1980s as part of the Tobacco Act 1987 (Vic).

Information on the legislation of the Act and VicHealth’s relationship with the Commonwealth can be found here. The responsible State Government Minister for VicHealth is the Minister for Health.

Statutory objectives

VicHealth was established with all-party support by the State Parliament of Victoria with the statutory objectives mandated by the Tobacco Act 1987:

  • to fund activity related to the promotion of good health, safety or the prevention and early detection of disease
  • to increase awareness of programs for promoting good health in the community through the sponsorship of sports, the arts and popular culture
  • to encourage healthy lifestyles in the community and support activities involving participation in healthy pursuits
  • to fund research and development activities in support of these activities.

Our focus

VicHealth has a primary focus on preventing chronic disease at a population level (rather than improving individual treatment or disease management).

  • We pinpoint and prevent the negative influences of ill health.
  • We champion the positives influences on good health.

Our commitment

  • In partnership with others, we promote good health.
  • We recognise that the social and economic conditions for all people influence their health.
  • We promote fairness and opportunity for better health.
  • We support initiatives that assist individuals, communities, workplaces and broader society to improve wellbeing.
  • We seek to prevent chronic conditions for all Victorians.


We work with:

  • all levels of government
  • across political parties
  • a range of sectors
  • health, sports, research, education, the arts, media, and across communities

For more information on the history of VicHealth, see The story of VicHealth: a world first in health promotion and The Victorian Tobacco Act 1987 – the untold story.