Emily BrookfieldEmily Brookfield is a ceramic artist and pottery teacher, based in Melbourne.  

Since 2016, Emily’s work has centred around connection – the intimate connection between the artist and the medium and a creative relationship with the Victorian community, through a shared appreciation for the craft. 

Emily started teaching pottery classes and running workshops at various Melbourne studios in 2020.   

Fostering a community to freely express creativity and learn new skills has always been a big part of her teaching. During lockdown, she saw the need for community connection was more important than ever.     

She explains, “I was feeling really isolated in my home studio and wanted to connect with the community in a creative way. It’s been rewarding to work with people from across the state, teaching online hand building workshops, and I’ve loved watching the community reconnect, especially during such a challenging time.”   

Now in her third year of teaching, Emily is excited to continue sharing her skills and enthusiasm with the wider community, by collaborating with local studios and through running her own workshops.  

We thank Emily for her involvement and contribution to the Victorian Health Promotion Awards and look forward to watching her continued success.  


About the trophy design 

Much like the varied experiences of the Victorian community during the pandemic, all eight of Emily’s trophies share similar qualities, yet each one is unmistakably different.      

About this design, Emily emphasised: “I like the balance of creating a cohesive collection of work but each individual piece has its own personality so to speak. While each glaze has a similar look, each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.”    

Tackling the project with “patience and care”, Emily said she “wanted the awards to look and feel special to hold as the people receiving them have done amazing things for the Victorian community.” 


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