You haven't been drinking alone

Covid Campaign: You Haven't Been Drinking Alone

This campaign is a tongue-in-cheek video showing kids on a Zoom call, mimicking their parents’ harmful alcohol consumption. The tone is playful. But the message is serious.
Banner showing the words Violence, Human rights etc.

You are Not Alone Campaign

This campaign provided information about how to seek help or support for someone experiencing abuse. It featured voices of women with lived experiences, enabling others to draw strength and hope.
A man holding a child

Food From Home: Promoting Edible Gardening in Melbourne's South East

This campaign promotes the health and climate co-benefits of edible gardening in Melbourne's South East. It aims to help people overcome barriers to growing food at home to support more people eating home-grown produce.
Two people in a kitchen with the words "Feed Happiness" superimposed

Feed Happiness

This social media campaign improved awareness of how healthy eating and positive mental health contributes to better health outcomes for young people and families in Melbourne’s southern metropolitan region.
Feeling it

Feeling It! (Sep-Nov 2020)

This social media campaign supported young people to remain positive and engaged in education through an extremely disrupted school year due to the pandemic. It provided students with mental health promotion strategies, tools and resources to support good study habits, self-care and resilience.
Drama Downunder Seasons Campaign Image

Drama Downunder Seasons Campaign

This campaign aimed to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections and promoted regular sexual health testing, treatment and behaviour change among the LGBTIQA+ community.