Coping With Covid

Coping With Covid

At the start of the pandemic, Emily Rice created Coping with COVID for 9News Melbourne. It was a week-long series of positive and practical stories to help people across Victoria to maintain their health, amid a frightening global health emergency.  
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Life and Other Catastrophes

Life and Other Catastrophes spans aspects of health and wellbeing, looking at mental and physical health, relationships, habits as well as social pressures. It acts as a resource, a comfort and an outlet for listeners as they are encouraged to call in to share their experiences.  
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The Conversation Hour

The Conversation Hour explores the issues that affect people across Victoria. It offers engaging discussions and inspiring stories that connect communities across the state. Topics have included women and girls wearing uniforms in sport, 'school refusers' looking for solutions within school system and banning alcohol advertising during sporting events.  

Tamara McDonald

Tamara McDonald’s reporting for the Geelong Advertiser promotes seeking help, reducing stigma and remaining active. Her stories feature both case studies of human experience and expert commentary, resulting in evidence-based reporting that readers can relate to.