VicHealth works in partnership with communities, organisations and individuals to promote good health and prevent ill health.

Our reach

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We funded...

Sport and active recreation organisations: 628
Local governments: 63
Community organisations and NGOs: 13
Tertiary education and research institutes: 33
Arts groups: 11
Health service organisations : 9
Partnered investments with government and statutory bodies: 2

Our objectives

1. To fund activity related to the promotion of good health, safety or the prevention and early detection of disease. 
2. To increase awareness of programs for promoting good health in the community through the sponsorship of sports, the arts and popular culture. 
3. To encourage healthy lifestyles in the community and support activities involving participation in healthy pursuits. 
4. To fund research and development activities in support of these activities. 

(as mandated by the Tobacco Act 1987)

Summary of grant payments

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