31 Jul, 2013 Last updated: 18 Sep, 2018

Features our new Action Agenda for Health Promotion, articles on health equity, interviews with thought leaders Professors Ichiro Kawachi and Sir Michael Marmot and latest VicHealth news.

Download: VicHealth Letter Issue 37 (PDF, 2.7 MB)


Unfortunately, not all Victorians have the same access to health benefits some of us may take for granted. Some people in our society are likely to die earlier and have poorer health because of social, cultural and economic influences normally out of their control.

VicHealth is committed to funding research and community-based programs to address health inequities, and this edition of the VicHealth Letter explores our work in this area.

This edition also features:

  • authoritative insight into the causes that create health gaps between people and ways to improve health for all Victorians
  • Q & A with Professor Ichiro Kawachi
  • highlights of our Action Agenda for Health Promotion
  • updates on VicHealth research

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