Last updated: 22 Mar, 2016

This video resource can be used as a conversation starter to introduce the concepts of bystander action into your organisation.

The videos will assist the viewer to understand why it is so important to step up to take action to prevent gender discrimination in all its forms. This can be the first step in helping your organisation consider ways to create a fairer and more gender equitable culture.

You can select a particular video chapter to show in executive and staff team meetings, professional development forums and workshops, and in a broad range of organisations including government, NGO’s, corporate, small business, sports and other community organisations. It will assist in raising awareness amongst leaders, teams and individuals about what constitutes sex discrimination and gender inequity and the tools required to encourage bystanders to move to act to tackle it. 


Once you have shown the video and gained interest from your organisation you can click here to learn about Bystander training that will assist you to develop a whole or organisation strategy.  

Download: ‘Moving to Action’ Video Resource Booklet (152 KB)

Read the accompanying booklet for an overview of what is contained in each chapter and ideas on the best way to use the resource in your workplace or organisation.  It can be viewed in its entirety or chapter-by-chapter as part of a broader program dedicated to supporting organisational change. 

Chapter 1: Animated infographic 

This chapter summarises some of the key themes and messages from the More Than Ready bystander research and suggestions for organisational change. 

Moving to Action Chapter 1: More Than Ready

Chapter 2: Sexism and discrimination in the workplace 

Five scenarios depicting what can occur in organisations and pointers for leaders, teams and individuals on how to step up to support colleagues and create a healthier organisational culture. 

Moving to Action Chapter 2: Scenario 1

Moving to Action Chapter 2: Scenario 2

Moving to Action Chapter 2: Scenario 3

Moving to Action Chapter 2: Scenario 4

Moving to Action Chapter 2: Scenario 5

Chapter 3: A call to action for leaders 

A message from VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter, and an overview of the More Than Ready bystander research and recommendations for workplaces and organisations presented by researcher Dr. Anastasia Powell. 

Moving to Action Chapter 3: Jerril Rechter

Moving to Action Chapter 3: Dr. Anastasia Powell.

Chapter 4: Women’s reflections 

Three women discuss their lived experiences of sexism and discrimination in the workplace. 

Moving to Action Chapter 4: Women’s reflections