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Health promotion and the 2023-2024 Federal Budget

Our quick guide to the May 2023 Federal Budget announcement for health promoters.

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Does the Budget support health promotion?


In short, yes. VicHealth welcomes the Federal Government's strong focus on preventive health announced in the Federal Budget. This includes $737 million allocated towards reducing harm from the e-cigarette and tobacco industry, along with $91.1 million placed towards establishing an Australian Centre for Disease Control


How does the Budget reduce the harms of the tobacco and vaping industry? 


The funding allocated in the Federal Budget is an important step towards protecting the community from e-cigarette harm and places Australia back where it belongs, as a global leader in tobacco control. 

These measures include: 

$29.5 million over 4 years 

Towards smoking and vaping cessation activities.

$63.4 million over 4 years

To public health information campaign on vaping and tobacco control.

$141.2 million over 4 years

Towards tackling Indigenous Smoking program extension to vaping.

$263.8 million over 4 years 

To implement a National Lung Cancer Screening Program, providing screening to eligible current and former smokers.

$3.3 billion for health support

The increase to tobacco taxation will raise an additional $3.3 billion in the budget to support the health system and the health of people who smoke and vape.

Increases to tobacco taxes

Tobacco taxation will increase by 5% for three years, plus indexation.

Loose-leaf tobacco taxation will increase to ensure it's taxed equally to manufactured cigarettes.

$238.5 million over 4 year

Towards building the capacity of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services to support cancer care.

“There is strong community support for Government action on vaping. It’s fantastic to see the Federal Government responding to prevent a new generation of young people getting hooked on nicotine.” 

Dr Sandro Demaio,
CEO of VicHealth


A new Australian Centre for Disease Control 


The Budget announced $91.1 million in funding towards establishing an Australian Centre for Disease Control. 

Read more on why a Centre for Disease control is needed
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Investing in prevention  


For every dollar invested in prevention we save $14.30 in healthcare costs. Which is why we're thrilled to see the following major prevention initiatives announced in the budget.

The details

$378.8 million

Towards preventive health measures, including $33.6 million for a range of alcohol and drug prevention treatment programs and $40.6m to improve health outcomes for women, girls and gender diverse people.  

$200 million

Towards funding place-based partnerships to create healthier communities, including the expansion of successful community sport programs, such as Reclink Australia and The Big Issue Community Street Soccer Program, and a focus on evidence-based policy. 

$6.3 million over 3 years from 2023–24

To continue the Australian Burden of Disease Study and initiatives to monitor and improve the evidence base of health and wellbeing outcomes, in line with the National Preventive Health Strategy 2021–2030.

$4.3 million over 2 years from 2023–24

To continue research that supports prevention and early intervention initiatives for chronic conditions.

$3.2 million over 3 years from 2023–24

To fund the Australian Branded Food Database, Healthy Food Partnership and contribute to the ongoing implementation of the Health Star Rating system in collaboration with the states and territories.


Overall the budget has a strong focus on health priorities including strengthening Medicare, A 10 year action plan to support health and wellbeing of LGBTIQA+, Improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Reducing Harm Caused by Alcohol and Other Drugs in Australia and minimizing online gambling harms. 


What the health promotion sector is saying:

Australian Alcohol & other Drug Council Media Release

How does VicHealth support health promotion policy? 


VicHealth is committed to building public policy for health in all sectors and at all levels of government. We work to influence policy and legislation, organisational practice and social norms in order to create physical, social, economic and natural environments that provide stronger foundations for health and health equity.

Our policy submissions
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