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Youth Communication and Engagement Playbook

24 Aug 2021
Research and Publications

This Playbook is for anyone who creates content online that speaks to young people. It has been designed to be easy-to-use, and to help you post in a way that encourages connection and conversation with young people, because after all, that is what it is all about.

VicHealth has been working with YMCA (and their partners) to develop content for the Virtual Y platform (Learn more about the Virtual Y Platform below). 

As part of this work, co-design sessions with young people across the state have been conducted by The Lab

It was evident throughout these sessions that young people had ideas on how they want to be involved in health projects and ways to better connect with their peers. Following these session, insights and tips have been consolidated into the Youth Communication & Engagement Playbook, similar to a toolkit to share learning and tips to the sector in particular those who are looking to engage in youth projects or campaigns.  


Download the Playbook here (PDF)


The Playbook provides a new communications and engagement tool to help organisations effectively communicate with young people 

Guiding principles include: 

  1. Curating is valuable for young people in a world of information  
  2. Credibility is key 
  3. Nuance and personalisation matters 
  4. Inclusive content is important  
  5. Health and wellbeing are intrinsically linked 
  6. Being relevant and timely is key  
  7. Sharing success stories and case studies is helpful 
  8. Go beyond the surface and get into the details  
  9. Aspire to make young people feel empowered, safe and in control  


What you can take from this playbook

  • How to identify and clearly define your goal first – following that you can better understand how your campaign or program will get there 
  • Feedback from young Victorians – tips on how to harness their voices and experiences to better connect with your audience 
  • Differentiate your work depending on your age demographic – understand how you work with young people under 18 years and over 18 years 
  • How to develop your content – Plan, publish, respond and review 


Is this playbook for you?  

If you are creating content online that speaks to young people then yes! The playbook is easy-to-use and provides practical support to help you connect and have a conversation with young people in Victoria. 

For further information about this toolkit and other training materials, please contact VicHealth. 


Additional resources 

Download the Content Check List – download here  

Download the Quick Reference Guide 


Learn more about the Virtual Y Platform 

The Virtual Y – is an online youth hubs mean which provides space for young people to stay connected, while apart.  

On Virtual Y, you can access exclusive fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, family and youth content. From keeping fit through workouts and training at home and learning all about nutrition with our delicious recipes and Healthy Living Magazine. Not only does this youth health hub focus on physical health, but also mental - offering methods of looking after your wellbeing with mindfulness practices; learning with your family with home activities; to engaging with the Australian youth community through our Youth Hub. 


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