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What young people are doing about vaping

See anti-vaping content from young people in Australia.

12 Jan 2024
News 8 min read
A young woman at the World Health Summit in Melbourne talking to the media

Student videos


Anti-vaping campaign from Mount Clear College

Channel 7 talked to a group of Ballarat students who created their own anti-vaping campaign:


'Just Breath Air' from Lyndhurst Secondary College


This student video won a competition funded by our Local Government Partners at the City of Casey:

  • Video transcript

    [Students sit together and talk to the camera]

    This is Cindy hi I'm Michelle hi I'm Janelle hi I'm Olivia and we are JBA, "Just Breathe Air"

    We're representing Lyndhurst Secondary College and we want to take you on this journey of vapes.

    [Scripted narrative begins]

    Narrator: What do I do now?

    My friend vapes and we fought because of it.

    One after another my friends started to vape too.

    Sticking out like a sore thumb in the group I feel uneasy.

    I don't want to be left out.

    It doesn't look that bad, everyone enjoys it, so why not?

    I'll try just this once.

    [Sign on door reads 'To Vape', person walks through the door]

    [We see a person vaping by themself, with words on vape that read 'YUCK VAPE']

    [We see the person's friends come and take the vape away, and the person slump their shoulders]

    Narrator: But slowly, I realised...

    [We see the friends sharing some written information about vaping, and talking to their friend about vaping]

    Narrator: I've messed up. But they were there for me to tell me that I'm not alone and you're not alone.

    [We see the person upset, and their friends come to comfort them]

    [Scripted narrative ends, piece to camera interviews begin]

    Interviewer: why do you think young people start vaping?

    Interviewee #1: I think young people start vaping because of the peer pressure because the need to fit into their social groups and because they don't know the risks behind vaping.

    Interviewer: what do you think would put young people off?

    Interviewee #2: They'll realize the things that they miss out on whether it be activities at school or doing things outside of school with their friends.They'll learn about their health risks and what it will do to their body and they might hear about other people's experiences which they'll realize how it will impact their life they won't want it to happen to them.

    Interviewer: why do you think that young people believe that vaping is a choice?

    Interviewee #3: Because mostly of this social cycle - if one of their friends vape, then they want to vape too because they want to fit in, and because of advertisements that build vaping as a beauty standard and make them look unique or cool.

    Interviewer: in what way can young people support each other to address this issue?

    Interviewee #4: To address this issue acknowledge their feelings and talk to the people they
    trust. Take one step at a time and look for communities with the people that share the same experiences and last but not the least, you are not alone.

    [Helplines display: Alcohol and Drug Foundation 1300 858 584, "Your School's Wellbeing Team', "Parents/guardians/trusted adults' and Quit Call 13 78 48 OR Text "call back" to 0482 090 634]


UNCLOUD initiative 

UNCLOUD provides peer-reviewed, scientifically-backed information about vapes. To show vaping for what it is:


  • Video transcript




Understand the current vaping laws and what the Australian Government is doing about vaping.

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