Innovation has been a core part of our DNA since our inception.   

Like the greatest global organisations, businesses and brands who use innovation to maintain their leading edge, VicHealth views innovation as an essential business practice that enables us to keep delivering better outcomes for Victorians.   

What do we mean by Innovation?  

For VicHealth, innovation means discovering how to accelerate health outcomes for Victorians in a rapidly changing world. In other words, discovering the strategies, approaches, insights and collaborations that can put us on a fast track to creating healthier lives.  

Innovation starts with great ideas. With each great idea, we consider its uniqueness; use of emerging approaches to achieve greater impact; how it will improve as many Victorian lives as possible; and its potential for scale and replication.   

VicHealth has explored a range of methodologies and approaches, outlined in the Innovation Hub below. However, innovation happens in all aspects of VicHealth’s and our partners’ work. We encourage you to spend time on other parts of VicHealth’s website.   

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and learnings with our partners and extended network. 

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Leading Thinkers initiative

Connecting international thought leaders with senior policymakers and key local experts

The initiative is designed to generate and provoke new thinking, inspire momentum, enable change, support and deepen relationships across sectors and deliver results for all Victorians. 

VicHealth has worked with a consortium of partners on the initiative, ensuring the strategic focus benefits the Victorian community and beyond. 

Professor Iris Bohnet and Dr Jeni Klugman- two of the world’s foremost experts in behavioural insights and gender equality  have partnered with VicHealth as part of the most recent Leading Thinkers Residency. 

Find out more about Leading Thinkers Residency- Behavioural Insights and Healthier Lives  

Find out more about Leading Thinkers Residency- Behavioural Insights and Gender Equality

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Victoria's Citizens' Jury on Obesity

"We have an obesity problem. How can we make it easier to eat better?"

As part of VicHealth's Leading Thinkers Initiative, we held a Citizens' Jury in October 2015 with the aim of engaging the community in a discussion and debate around potential solutions for overweight and obesity.

Over six weeks, the jury reviewed a number of responses to the question above which were submitted from many different parties. These submissions formed the 'evidence' and covered a number of viewpoints. 

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Staying on Track

In June 2018, VicHealth, in collaboration with key youth partners, brought together a diverse group of 18-25-year-old Victorians for an important conversation about supporting their journey to purposeful work.  

A citizens’ jury of 54 young Victorian’s gathered across a weekend to consider a broad range of information presented to them addressing the clear question of “Young adults, mental wellbeing and work: How can we support young adults on their journey to find purposeful work”.  

The result was a consensus point of view on 11 recommendations (Asks) in response to the question.

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Leading Thinkers: Sports Media Analysis Report

The latest Leading Thinker project is the first ever, large-scale big data analysis of the extent and nature of the portrayal of women and men in Victorian sports print media. The report, Buried Treasures and Missed Opportunities in Victorian Sports Reporting, provides new evidence to both inform the debate and to highlight challenges and opportunities.  

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