2013 – 2015 Last updated: 13 Jun, 2022

VicHealth's research has shown us that drinking is seen as normal in most social situations, from funerals to children's birthday parties, to the footy and everything in between.

In fact, the only places where Australians think it's not right to drink are at church, a baby shower and a study group.

So it's not surprising that as a community we are starting to question whether alcohol – and quite often a lot of it – is really needed to enjoy our social lives.

In partnership with the State Government, VicHealth embarked on a project to try and change the culture of alcohol in Victoria.

The alcohol cultural change project encouraged a better drinking culture among young people aged 16-29, by focusing on normative values and culture and taking a positively framed approach. Through this project, VicHealth aimed to reduce the broad acceptance of drunkenness among young people.

This alcohol cultural change project was based on research including VicHealth-funded: A snapshot of Victoria’s alcohol culture, Drinking-related lifestyles: exploring the role of alcohol in Victorians' lives and Michael Livingston's Trends in non-drinking among Australian adolescents.

The alcohol cultural change project was comprised of two phases of campaign activity.

Man at pub

No Excuse Needed

Sept – Dec 2014

The second phase, No Excuse Needed, used the insights gained through the NameThatPoint to develop a large scale, mass media campaign.

The No Excuse Needed campaign aimed to drive a change in Victoria's alcohol culture by challenging perceived social norms around drinking.

Targeting young people aged 16 to 29, the campaign challenged the perception that many young people are drinking heavily on a regular basis.

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Name That Point advertisment

Name That Point

Dec 2013 – Mar 2014

The first phase, NameThatPoint, engaged Victorians in a frank and open discussion about the role alcohol has in our lives. 

We all know there's a point during drinks where your evening could go either way - where one more drink could set you on the road to drunkenness.

The idea behind NameThatPoint was that if we could recognise this point, we might start to make better drinking decisions. But this point needed a name, so the search began to name the point where clear thinking turns into more drinking.

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