Last updated: 21 Jun, 2017

VicHealth is bringing together top athletes, teams and partners to #ChangeOurGame and encourage Victorians to support gender equality in sport.

With more women in sport than ever before, our game is changing. VicHealth is working with teams from the AFL Women’s League, Women’s Big Bash League and Women's National Basketball League to encourage Victorians to watch sport for the love of the game.

Sport is sport regardless of who’s playing it. The same talent and training is needed to kick a goal, take a wicket or shoot a free throw.

Sport should be inclusive, equal and respected and VicHealth is calling on all of us to change our attitudes to change our game.

Want to help us raise the profile of women’s sport? Here’s three top tips:

  1. Watch, follow or participate – follow it online, watch it on TV, go to a game and of course play it yourself!
  2. Use the #ChangeOurGame hashtag – jump on social and post a pic of yourself in action or at a game.
  3. Spread the word – tell your friends and family about how awesome women’s sport is in Victoria and help us to change our game!  

A fair go

Being Australian means giving everyone a fair go. By creating an even playing field for all elite sports persons whether female or male, we can contribute to a fairer community. We know that gender-based discrimination has a negative effect on health. So let’s band together and support our sportspeople who are playing their hardest for Victoria and Australia.  

VicHealth’s activity has been launched in support of Sport and Recreation Victoria’s Change Our Game campaign, which is designed to inspire women and girls to participate and become leaders in sport. Check out their website to find out more:

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