Equal Footing was a Gender Equality and Respect at Work pilot program funded by Office for Women and VicHealth. It was developed and delivered by Melbourne-based corporate training company En Masse.

Eight organisations were involved in the pilot, which ran from October 2014 to June 2015. These organisations were chosen from a variety of sectors including banking, hospitality, recruitment, engineering, publishing, retail and not for profit family services.

The aim of the pilot was to learn about how best to use the workplace setting to change the current attitudes and behaviours that allow violence against women to remain a growing concern in our society. We know that attitudes which support a lack of equality and respect are linked with increased risk for women – and the workplace is an effective setting for changing these attitudes more broadly.

The program itself didn't talk much about violence – it focused on raising awareness of our biases, the ways in which gender stereotypes undermine both men and women in the workplace and techniques to step up as a bystander and help achieve organisation-wide change. We worked with these organisations on their policy and procedures, conducted well-received face-to-face training sessions and a poster campaign and e-bulletin. The findings from this pilot are currently being collated into a report that will be available later in 2015.

If you are from one of our eight pilot organisations, feel free to download and use all the materials on this page as part of your ongoing roll-out of the program. 

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For more information please email Renee Imbesi (Principal Program Officer, Mental Wellbeing, VicHealth) at [email protected].