1987 - current Published: 20 Jul, 2015

We are a major funder of Quit Victoria and through this investment we support tobacco control activity to reduce smoking prevalence.

Assisting smokers to quit

  • Quitline telephone counselling and Quit courses
  • media activity and campaigns
  • programs supporting communities, such as Aboriginal and multicultural communities.

Working to prevent young people from taking up smoking

  • support for legislation to increase the price of cigarettes and restrict tobacco advertising, promotion and selling to under 18s
  • smoking prevention education and professional development in schools
  • community education programs encouraging adult role models

Working to reduce the number of places where people are exposed to harmful substances in tobacco smoke

  • support for legislation to limit smoking in public places
  • help for workplaces and public places wanting to become smokefree

Supporting legislative policy change

  • collecting and distributing information on tobacco control issues to the public and a wide range of professionals
  • participating in research into tobacco control issues
  • publishing evaluation findings
A key focus of our current investment in Quit Victoria is to engage with partners to increase the reach and impact of smoking cessation within high smoking rate populations.