Last updated: 21 Jun, 2017

Did you know many flat breads contain a high average sodium content (over 500mg/100g) compared to other types of bread?

Average sodium content in 2017*:

  • Bread rolls - 416mg/100g
  • White bread (including sourdough) – 424mg/100g
  • Rye bread - 468mg/100g
  • Bagels - 477 mg/100g
  • Flat bread - 567mg/100g

When buying bread, aim for a sodium content of less than 400mg/100g.

The key to avoiding excessive salt (sodium) is to check food labels and be aware of the sodium content in your food.

For more information, visit Don't Trust Your Tastebuds.

*Based on a study by the George Institute for Global Health. Read more about their findings here: