09 Apr, 2019 Last updated: 15 May, 2019

The Top Spin competition shows the power of young Victorians voices and their concerns on alcohol industry tactics.

Whether it’s spending millions on alcohol advertising or saturating sport with alcohol sponsorships, the alcohol industry has many tricks to try to keep us drinking and spending heavily – they know the more we drink, the more profits they pocket.

We know young people are more likely to be harmed by alcohol products than any other age group. The alcohol industry deliberately targets young people who are drinking the most – so we want to turn the tables and are giving young Victorians the opportunity to have their say.

Top Spin is a statewide competition asking young Victorians (18 – 29 years) to call out the sneaky tactics used by the alcohol industry to influence them to drink.

Last year, Top Spin attracted hundreds of entries over a 5-week period. Evaluation found 92 per cent of participants reported increased concern about alcohol harms and more than half discussed the issue of alcohol industry influence with friends or family.

In 2019, we want to empower many more young Victorians to voice their concerns and continue this conversation.


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