27 Apr, 2022 27 Apr, 2022

VicHealth is partnering with LaunchVic to bring innovative health-tech prototypes to life to tackle the big health challenges facing Victoria's young people.

Our first startup collab.  

Investing in health-tech to advance greater health and wellbeing for Victoria’s young people.  

Giving innovators a pathway to use their skills for social good. 

We know that technology is shaping the future of health. And Victoria’s entrepreneurs are steering that transformation.  So, we've joined forces with LaunchVic to harness that power of entrepreneurship for prevention.  To connect with the startup community to create locally led health-tech solutions. 

We have a vision of a Victoria where no young person is denied a future that is healthy. So, we’re backing aspiring tech entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to support young people in Victoria to get Future Healthy.   

 This CivVic challenge will see our health-tech innovators take up the big health issues facing Victoria's young people.

Children eating food stock image with a question next to the image in "A call for Victorian startups to solve big challenges facing our kids". The logo of CivVic Labs and VicHealth are at the bottom of the image to show partnership.


“Challenge?”, you ask.  
The focus for this challenge is to improve young people’s access to healthy food and expose sneaky digital marketing practices of harmful industries. The innovators will develop prototypes for these big questions:  

  • How might we improve young peoples' access to healthy food in their community? 

    All kids should be guaranteed access to the healthy food they need to live, play, and learn through the day. But not every kid gets that chance. For many, cost, proximity, and availability are significant barriers to accessing healthy food options. We want to apply startup and codesign principles to drive youth-led solutions that address these barriers.  

  • How might we better understand and expose digital advertising of harmful industries that impacts young people? 

    All children deserve to grow up in environments that support their health and wellbeing and set them up for the best start in life. But the unhealthy food industry uses sneaky tactics. Like activities, images and characters that appeal to children – to target them online. We want the tools that can shine a light on these practices to the public and drive legal and policy solutions.

Break it down for me

  • 15 aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startups  
  • 6-week CivVic Labs pre-accelerator program* 
  • $10,000 up-front funding to develop the prototype 
  • Ideas co-design with VicHealth experts 
  • Growth development via business acceleration workshops 
  • New mentor networks 
  • Potential of $25k in seed funding**  


Key dates

 Applications open   27 April 2022 
 Health Tech Meetup  04 May 2022
 Information event  12 May 2022
 Applications close   30 May 2022 
 Pitch event    23 August 2022


*This partnership is part of the latest round of CivVic Labs, LaunchVic's pre-accelerator program that brings startups and government together to prototype solutions to Victoria’s big challenges. 

**At the pitch event, most innovative protypes will receive seed funding (max $25k per challenge) to bring their ideas to market.