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What VicHealth is doing about vaping

How we're using a collective impact approach to enable change at scale.

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How we're getting started

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Research: New vaping research to inform our interventions and approach.

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Youth voices: Listening to young people's experiences and ideas to address vaping in their worlds.

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Funding: Vaping Prevention Grants and investment pool.


Our collective impact approach for vaping


We know we're not the only ones trying to minimise the harm caused by vaping.

Victorian state and local governments, Quit Victoria, sporting bodies, health professionals, universities and many others are all working to reduce and prevent vaping harm among young Victorians.  

So how can we complement each other's work? And, more importantly, how can we enable change at scale?

That's where our collective impact approach comes in. With this we can align our efforts, share knowledge and harness our strengths to reduce the harm caused by vaping. 

In other words, together we create a collective impact.

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Influencing Gen Vape: Unveiling insights into segments of teen vaping

Together with The Behaviour Change Collaborative (The BCC), our latest research gives insights into how to craft health promotion interventions and messaging that will positively influence teens’ attitudes and behaviours towards vaping.

These insights can strengthen place-based project designs, enabling communities to create more targeted and impactful interventions.

Access the summary report here

Download report

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Centering Youth Voices

In response to The BCC research, we've asked young people to share their experiences and ideas to address vaping in their worlds. 

We want to understand the types of vaping messaging and creative interventions that resonate with young people. 

It's their voices. Their solutions.

Coming soon: insights from young people.


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Vaping Prevention Grants and investments pool

Totalling one million over the next two years, we'll fund, support and amplify localised community-led and informed initiatives for reducing and preventing vaping harm among young people.

Sports funding

We want to support sports coaches and clubs in reducing and preventing vaping among their players and members. So we'll partner with a sporting body to develop and deliver a capacity-building program.  

This partner will be identified through a RFQ (Request For Quote).

University sponsorship

We want to support universities' initiatives that will reduce and prevent vaping among their students.

We'll invite eligible universities to submit sponsorship proposals.

Local government grants

We invited Victorian local councils to apply for Vaping Prevention Grants in a competitive funding round that was open from February to March 2024.

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