25 Jul, 2016 Last updated: 07 Aug, 2019

Our Action Agenda aims to create a Victoria where everyone can enjoy better health and wellbeing. It is VicHealth’s strategic plan for 2013─23.

Our Action Agenda was updated in August 2019. Click here to see the latest version.


Download: VicHealth Action Agenda for Health Promotion – 2016 Update (PDF, 385 KB)

Download: VicHealth Action Agenda for Health Promotion – 2013 Inaugural Edition (PDF, 1 MB)


The 2016 Action Agenda update sets out our priorities for 2016─19 and builds on the inaugural Action Agenda released in 2013. The changes reflect the wider health environment we currently operate in.

Our five strategic imperatives remain, with associated three-year priorities:

  • Promoting healthy eating
  • Encouraging regular physical activity
  • Preventing tobacco use
  • Preventing harm from alcohol
  • Improving mental wellbeing.

Three themes will frame all aspects of our work in 2016─19:  Gender, Youth, Community.