2011 – current Last updated: 20 Jul, 2015

Schools are an important setting for promoting equal and respectful relationships.

Schools and young people

VicHealth is working to build cultures of respect with young people in schools and youth organisations.  
There is strong evidence that school-based prevention programs are one of the most effective ways to prevent violence against women. By engaging young people at a vital stage in their life cycle, these programs encourage the development of healthy and respectful relationships across the lifespan. Prevention programs in education settings can engage the whole school community in promoting respect and non-violence.

Partners in Prevention

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

Partners in Prevention (PiP) is a statewide network and capacity building project for community sector professionals who work with schools and young people in the primary prevention of violence against women. Coordinated by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria, PiP provides a monthly e-bulletin, annual forum and school-focused prevention activities across Victoria. A range of PiP resources have been developed for those carrying out respectful relationships education with young people.

Respectful Relationships Education in Victorian Secondary Schools

Commissioned by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, VicHealth developed the Respectful Relationships Education: Violence prevention and respectful relationships education in Victorian secondary schools report.

This report reviews respectful relationships education in Victorian secondary schools. It provides guidance on good practice criteria for achieving violence prevention and respectful relationships education in schools, and provides a basis for future policy and program development.