30 Sep, 2014 Last updated: 16 Nov, 2014

'Stepping in', VicHealth's bystander action toolkit, is specifically designed to help State Sporting Associations to become workplace leaders in promoting gender equity and respect for women.


Resource 1: Complete Bystander Action Toolkit (3.53MB)
Resource 2: Section 1: Committed organisations (2.46MB)
Resource 3: Section 2: Motivated leaders (2.45MB)
Resource 4: Section 3: United teams (2.37MB)
Resource 5: Section 4: Confident individuals (2.38MB)

VicHealth has identified the important role sporting clubs can have in shaping positive community attitudes about, and behaviours toward, women and girls. They have also identified the key leadership role State Sporting Associations (SSAs) have in helping their members strengthen the participation of women and girls by building fair, inclusive and respectful sporting environments on and off the playing field.

This toolkit has been designed to support State Sporting Associations as workplace role models. A key aspect of creating a safe and inclusive workplace is to equip all staff to step in when they see or hear about sexist language, sex discrimination or sexual harassment taking place at work.

This toolkit is specifically designed to help SSAs implement effective bystander action to address and prevent sex discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation in the workplace.

Each section supports a key component:

  1. Committed organisations
  2. Motivated leaders
  3. United teams
  4. Confident individuals.