Jun – Dec 2014 Last updated: 20 Jul, 2015

As a part of VicHealth’s broader Water initiative (with the goal of ‘more Victorians choosing water instead of drinks with added sugar’), workplaces were identified as a setting to investigate water access and behaviours.

The construction industry was identified as a workplace with skewed numbers of workers of the demographic identified as high sugar sweetened beverage consumers. Incolink is a joint enterprise between unions and employer associations in the Victorian building and construction industry, who support workers health and wellbeing through a range of health promotion programs. Incolink, in partnership with VicHealth, have previously provided some preliminary findings into the dietary behaviours of construction apprentices, and have also conducted previous research on apprentice’s energy drink, and alcohol consumption.

This research project will map issues associated with drinking water in the construction industry including:

  • current drinking behaviours, motivators and barriers to change,
  • knowledge of workers on the relationship between drink choices and health,
  • a review of water policy and practices in work settings, and
  • an evaluation of the impact of water promotion activities