02 May, 2011 Last updated: 15 Nov, 2014

The final report of the five-year VicHealth project highlights the significant gains in awareness of food security at local government levels and the strategies that helped reduce some barriers, and identifies the changes needed to reduce others.

Download: Food for All 2005-10 program evaluation report (1.16MB)

Large numbers of Australians, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are affected by food insecurity, which has far-reaching consequences on physical, mental and social wellbeing.

In 2005 VicHealth made a five-year investment in the Food for All program, which was designed to increase regular access to, and consumption of, a variety of foods, particularly fruit and vegetables, by people living in disadvantaged communities. Eight local government areas were funded to reduce local infrastructure barriers to food security.

The program faced many challenges and made important gains, including having positive, significant impact on local councils’ awareness and understanding of food security. By the end of the FFA funding period in 2010, participating councils, their communities and their partner agencies knew about food security and had incorporated it into many of their plans, policies and strategic priorities.