Last updated: 03 Jul, 2019

VicHealth’s Health Promotion Insights events are a series of thought-provoking discussions about topics important to the health and wellbeing of Victorians.

Each event brings together experts to explore a topic through entertaining and interactive panel discussions, conversations and presentations.

To make as many of our events available to everyone in Victoria, where possible we live-stream or record them, and make the footage available after the event.

What’s coming up in 2019?

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Past events

The Future of Health Promotion – 2 November 2017

The inaugural Health Promotion Insights event explored the opportunities and challenges facing health promotion today, and into the future. The incredible panel featured:

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The seven tactics unhealthy industries use to undermine public health policies

Presented by Prof Rob Moodie – 20 January 2017



Harnessing the Power of Digital Technologies – 24 April 2018

Digital technology is rapidly changing the way we live our lives. With an app for (almost!) everything, virtual communities connecting people like never before, and evolving ways of collecting data – there are some incredible opportunities for everyone promoting health to seize. Our panel of experts discussed how these opportunities can unlock the world of digital technology, and how we can use it to enhance health promotion programs and research. The panel featured:

Dr Cassandra Wright – Burnett Institute

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Healthier Masculinities for Gender Equality, featuring Prof. Michael Kimmel – 11 July 2018

This event featured a 20-minute keynote presentation by Prof Kimmel Professor Kimmel where he explored men’s roles in achieving gender equality, and how healthy masculinities are a vital part of this. This was followed by a panel featuring:

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Tipping the Scales – 11 September 2018

A behind the scenes look at how the Australian Obesity Prevention Consensus was achieved, how challenges were addressed along the way and tips for those embarking on similar undertakings. Presented by:

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The Power of Food – 26 November 2018

This event, hosted in partnership with the Sandro Demaio Foundation, discussed the reasons why we eat what we eat, and explore how food can unite people to push for change and reclaim the power of food. The panel featured:

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A Book Club with a Difference – 25 March 2019

There’s a change happening in Australian sport. A change that’s seeing the long-awaited rise of women and girls across all sports, at all levels.

This Book Club with a Difference, explored the change happening in sport, based around Angela Pippos’ ground-breaking book Breaking the Mould.

Speakers included:

  • Angela Pippos
  • Bob Murphy
  • Prof Tony Birch
  • Hosted by Nicole Hayes
  • Introduction by Jerril Rechter

This sharp, witty and candid discussion will illustrated how sport thrives from the inclusion of women, and how we’re all better for it.

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