The following information provides instructions on how to use the Explore Your Data website. This website contains a number of different categories that you can use to sort data. This data is then displayed in the graphs at the bottom of the webpage. 

1.     The default data displayed on the Explore Your Data homepage is as follows: 

  • All Local Government Areas (LGAs)
  • Gender and Age Group
  • Subjective Wellbeing Indicator

The data is displayed as a table that can be cut and pasted into Microsoft Excel. You can also scroll down to see the data displayed as a downloadable chart. Use the chart menu for download options. 

2.     Use the drop down menus at the top of the page to select the data you wish to view. You can use these menus to make geographic, demographic and indicator selections. Once you have selected the data you wish to view, click on ‘Apply’.

3.     When making geographic selections you can choose to display results by either LGA or Region. Move your mouse over either of these fields to display a full list of selections. 


4.     When making your demographic selection you can select up to two demographic variables. Selecting ‘All’ means you data will not be filtered by any demographics. 


5.     When making your indicator selection you can only select one indicator per request.


6.     Once you have made your selections you can check that they are correct before clicking ‘Apply’.


7.     When your data is displayed you can use the Swap rows and columns slider to change the way the table displays you data. For the chart, you are able to change the categories that are displayed by clicking on the categories in the legend you want removed.