Nov 2014 – May 2017 Last updated: 21 Jun, 2017

The 2014 VicHealth Innovation Challenge: Arts called for new ideas to get more Victorians physically active and socially connected.

About the Challenge

Getting communities more active is in the best interests of all Victorians. Across Australia, people are leading less active lives, with less than a third of Australians getting enough physical activity 1.

It is estimated that the increased risks of chronic disease and poor mental health associated with inactivity is costing the Australian economy $13.8 billion each year. 2

Getting involved in the arts – whether it's enjoying a museum exhibition, taking a dance class to get your heart pumping or going to a gig – provides people with an opportunity to gain new skills and express themselves, be inspired, and feel good about life in general. And we know that being connected and getting involved with the community reduces loneliness and helps people to make new friends.

We live in a digital world that’s changing all the time.  Victoria’s arts organisations are perfectly placed to explore new ways of using technology to increase physical activity and social connection.

VicHealth’s Innovation Challenge: Arts kick-started ideas that make getting active fun for everyone. The supported projects use creative and participatory approaches that will provide opportunities for Victorians of all ages to get active.

VicHealth’s Innovation Challenge: Arts was about kick-starting ideas that made getting active fun for everyone. The successful projects use creative and participatory approaches that will provide opportunities for Victorians of all ages to get active.

Group of people running

The Cloud

Pop Up Playground

Outside: The Cloud is part of trend in immersive street games, taking place online and in the physical world. A real-life choose your own adventure, each week a new episode is released consisting of documents and videos that will be hidden online, and passcodes that are concealed in the real world. There’s also no restriction on start time, so players can join the game whenever they like!

Season 2 runs from 23 January until 26 March, 2017. Suitable for ages 13+


Dancing in the dark

Dance Break

No Lights No Lycra

Dance Break is an app to get people active – at home, at school, in the office, on the street. Once a day the app will override your phone with an energising dance track. Anywhere, anytime, thousands of people will dance to the same song, regardless of time-zone or location. After every dance a map will appear showing the number and location of the people you just danced with. Dance Break is an effective way for large organisations, schools and institutions to promote physical and mental health and to increase productivity.


1 ABS (Australian Bureau Statistics) 2012, Australian Health Results.
2 Medibank 2008, The cost of physical inactivity, Medibank Private, Sydney.