22 Sep, 2016 Last updated: 22 Sep, 2016

A new initiative that encourages employees to leave the car at home one day a week and take public or active transport to work has launched across Victoria.

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The One Day in 5 corporate social responsibility initiative supports employers to encourage their employees to leave the car at home and try walking, cycling, bus, train or tram instead, one day a week. 

The initiative, which was successfully piloted by the Bendigo Bank and Bendigo Council, has been adapted for state-wide uptake by the Bus Association Victoria in partnership with PTV, VicRoads, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bicycle Network Victoria, Victoria Walks and VicHealth. 

Chief Executive of Bus Association Victoria, Dr Chris Lowe says, “We know from research that if we use active or public transport instead of the car, it's better for the economy as it reduces congestion, it's better for the environment as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and its good for public health due to greater amounts of passive exercise undertaken.

Doing so also promotes better social connections with our community. 

“Participation in the campaign is simple. Employers register their organization online at www.1dayin5.org.au. A unique code is generated that employees use to create their own registration. Then for the duration of their participation, employees tick a box on their personal profile to identify their mode of transport for that day. 

At the end of any period, an employer can run a report that summarises the participation of their workforce. This information can also be used to offer incentives to teams or individuals.”

Bendigo Bank identified that the best results were gained by making some simple changes to work policies like allowing flexible or more forgiving start-times for roles where some leeway is possible, to accommodate unavoidable delays.

One Day in 5 is a free, easy and healthy addition to an organisation’s corporate social responsibility program and the rewards are far-reaching. 

To register, go to www.1dayin5.org.au or, later this week, visit the campaign’s social media pages @1dayin5 to hear from others who have made a start. 

Watch the video at www.1dayin5.org.au/news.

For interviews, images and further information, contact:

Dr Chris Lowe, 0420 372 248, [email protected]
Mr Lauran Huefner, 0410 422 040, [email protected]

“Encouraging staff to be active and leave their car at home a day a week is good for employees’ health and
wellbeing, good for the environment and good for business. Healthier workplaces mean lower absenteeism
and higher productivity. The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry encourages employers to support
the One Day in Five initiative and provide opportunities for their workers to take part.”

"Including a walk in your trip to work is the easiest and cheapest way to get some physical activity as part of
your daily routine, and you will feel great for it”.