20 Jun, 2010 Last updated: 16 Nov, 2014

This evidence review from a group of national experts looks into 'parental fear' as a determinant impacting on children's physical activity levels and independent mobility, as well as the sources of fear.

Download: Nothing but fear itself (447KB)

The past decade has seen declining rates in children's levels of physical activity, with consequent health problems. As a response, VicHealth has worked to increase children's physical activity with a specific focus on walking to and from school and around thier neighbourhoods. Through this work, 'parental fear' as a barrier to children getting out and about without an adult has been identified. Given the complex nature of this issue, a review of the evidence was commissioned by VicHealth to a group of national experts in child development, physical activity, the built environment, health promotion and public health. This document is the result of their work.