20 Aug, 2014 Last updated: 19 Dec, 2018

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us for last Tuesday's Rapid Prototype Workshop for the Physical Activity Innovation Challenge with Doing Something Good.

It was a hive of activity with 60 people in 10 teams putting their creative hats on and working together to develop concepts for the design challenge: "How might we get more Victorians active?".

A hat tip and congratulations to everyone who got up and delivered pitches on the day. We’re excited to see what you come up with for your Innovation Challenge submissions if that's what you can put together in just a few hours. Great work!

Missed the Rapid Prototype Workshop? You can download the slides from on Slideshare.

What does our target audience really need to get active?

Following on from the Futures Jam the week before, we continued developing insights and building our understanding of our target audience. Our intention: to ensure we’re designing and developing products, services and campaigns that solve a problem for them, meet any additional needs and help them overcome the challenges of getting active.

Rapid Prototype WorkshopWe started by taking our shoes off and stepping into the shoes of our personas through empathy mapping, and exploring a day in their lives – scoping out opportunities to get them active. We took a brief look at BJ Fogg’s model for behaviour change and discussed how starting with tiny habits might be a way to get people regularly active.

Rapid prototyping big ideas together

Inspired by the previous week"s Lightning Talks and a deeper understanding of emerging trends and target market segments, in our Rapid Prototyping session teams designed and tested concepts for new products, services and campaigns to get Victorian's active.

We then explored what makes a great pitch, with each of the 10 teams producing and delivering a two minute presentation for the concept they'd developed in the rapid prototyping session. Check out the videos from the team presentations

All the teams did a great job, with a couple of teams really nailing the brief and coming up with some terrific tag lines. The winner for the day, as voted by other participants, was "Fit in Time" – a great idea and nicely presented team – well done!

Applying for the Physical Activity Innovation Challenge

Applications for the Physical Activity Innovation Challenge close at 4pm on Friday 29 August. All you need to do is submit a two minute video pitch as your initial entry. It’s easy. Just talk to a camera. You can even record yourself on your smart phone! VicHealth will be assessing the quality of the idea, not the quality of the video footage. We do not expect you to develop professional quality videos. Make it cheap and cheerful.

If you’re after some pointers on how to develop a great pitch, check out these slides from the Rapid Prototype workshop, thanks to the team at Doing Something Good.

Thanks again for all who came and participated in the Futures Jam and Rapid Prototype Workshop the last two weeks, we hope you had a great time and found them beneficial. If you have any feedback we'd love to hear it, just drop us a line at [email protected].

Best of luck with your applications folks, we can't wait to see them.