1987 - current Published: 17 Feb, 2020

We partner with Quit Victoria and through this major investment, support tobacco control activity to reduce the prevalence of smoking.

Prevent the uptake of smoking

  • Advocate for legislation to standardise tobacco product packaging and sizes to ensure that tobacco products do not become more affordable for young people.
  • Deliver public education campaigns about the negative health impacts of smoking, to discourage people from taking up smoking.

Motivate more smokers to quit and quit successfully

  • Work with health and other systems to ensure people who smoke and use their services receive advice on quitting, and are referred to a cessation service.
  • Advocate and support the implementation of best-practice smoking cessation care in Victoria.
  • Increase the number of evidence-based behavioural intervention tools for people who smoke to help them to quit and stay quit
  • Develop multimedia tools to help people quit smoking.

Reduce levels of exposure to secondhand smoke

  • Support action to reduce exposure to tobacco smoke in public spaces and in private dwellings.

Visit Quit Victoria for more information.