1999 - 2015 Last updated: 02 Dec, 2015

VicHealth supports outstanding public health/health promotion research by awarding five-year Public Health Research Fellowships.

VicHealth supports outstanding public health/health promotion research by awarding five-year Public Health Research Fellowships.

These sought-after fellowships allow for longer-term research to be undertaken and are designed to attract and support high quality public health research talent in Victoria. 

Since 1999 VicHealth has funded 46 Fellows and invested over $23 million to the scheme.

Current researchers

Dr Anna Timperio

Dr Anna Timperio of Deakin University is concerned with understanding the broad range of contextual influences on physical activity, eating and overweight in youth.

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Dr Cecily Maller

Dr Cecily Maller from the Centre for Design, RMIT University, is investigating whether adopting best-practice planning and design in new residential communities can create sustainable places and healthy people.

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Dr Deborah Warr

Dr Deborah Warr is a health sociologist based at the McCaughey Centre: VicHealth Centre for the Promotion of Mental Health and Community Wellbeing. The centre is part of the School of Population Health at the University of Melbourne.

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Dr Elise Davis

Research Fellow Dr Elise Davis is developing a cutting edge, innovative research program in the field of mental health promotion, with a focus on child health inequalities.

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Dr Krzysztof Kubacki

Dr Krzysztof Kubacki from Griffith University will enrich VicHealth’s social marketing evaluation activity and provide leadership on health promotion social marketing activities.

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Assoc Prof Libby Brooke

Assoicate Professor Libby Brooke is based in the Business Work and Ageing Centre at Swinburne University, where she is developing a holistic and integrated approach to increasing the employability of older workers.

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Dr Rochelle Eime

Dr Rochelle Eime is a Senior Research Fellow from the University of Ballarat and Victoria University; Rochelle’s research aims to provide evidence to inform sport and policy makers on how to grow participation in sport.

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Past research fellows

Food, Nutrition and Obesity

Dr Anna Peeters, Monash University
Environmental causes of obesity and measurement of the impact of approaches to prevention

Associate Professor Karen Campbell, Deakin University
Supporting Parents to Promote Healthy Eating

Dr Cate Burns, Deakin University
Environmental and cultural determinants of obesity in populations at risk of food insecurity

Professor David Crawford, Deakin University
Obesity prevention in children and their families

Dr Andrea Sanigorski, Deakin University
Environmental causes of obesity and measurement of the impact of approaches to prevention

Dr Ruth Morley, University of Melbourne
Maternal Nutrition in Pregnancy and Growth in Infancy: Do they Influence Outcomes in Children?

Assoc Professor Bebe Loff
Health Inequalities, Governance and Participation 

Physical Activity

Associate Professor David Dunstan, International Diabetes Institute
Understanding & Influencing Sedentary Behaviour & Physical Activity in Older Adults

Dr Jo Salmon, Deakin University
The Relationship Between the Built, Social and Policy Environment, and Physical Activity in Families

Alcohol and Tobacco

Dr Mohammad Siahpush, The Cancer Council Victoria
Pathways of the Link Between Socioeconomic Status and Smoking Behaviour

Professor Melanie Wakefield, The Cancer Council Victoria
Impact Changes in Anti-Smoking Advertising, and Tobacco Portrayal in News, Film, Television and Music on Smoking in Adults and School Children

Aboriginal Health

Associate Professor Priscilla Pyett, Monash University
Developing Sustainable Aboriginal Health Research Practice

Dr Kevin Rowley, The University of Melbourne
Interventions to Improve Cardiovascular Health in Aboriginal People

Health Inequities

Associate Professor Margaret Kelaher, Melbourne University
Contribution and Interaction of Individual, Community and Environmental Characteristics on Health

Professor Elizabeth Waters, The University of Melbourne
Health Development and Wellbeing of Young Children in Victoria

Professor Anne Kavanagh, Melbourne University and La Trobe University
The Importance of Place in Health Inequalities

Children and Young People’s health and wellbeing

Associate Professor Jane Burns, The University of Melbourne
Why Let Them Fall? Understanding the Role of Health Promotion in Shaping a Better Life for all Young People

Associate Professor Lynne Hillier, La Trobe University
Surviving (and Thriving on) the Road Less Travelled: A Longitudinal Study of Young People, Sexual Diversity, Resilience, Social Networks and Capital

Dr Linda Rae Bennett, La Trobe University
My Australia: Muslim Youth, Social Connectedness, Health and Education in Victoria

Dr Lyndal Bond, University of Melbourne
Implementing and Evaluating System-Level Change to Improve Adolescent Health and Wellbeing

Healthy Environments

Dr Marion Carey, Monash Sustainability Institute
The Climate Change and Biodiversity Decline Health Effects Research

Associate Professor Anthony LaMontague, The University of Melbourne
Integrated Community-Based Approaches to Health Promotion for Victorian Blue Collar Workers

Preventing Violence Against Women and Children

Associate Professor Angela Taft, La Trobe University
Promoting Women's Mental Wellbeing by Reducing Intimate Partner Violence Against Women

Public Health Policy, Resourcing and Evaluation

Professor Jeff Richardson, Monash University
Measurement of Individual and Social Benefits for the Reallocation of Resources in the Australian Health Sector

Dr Jenny Lewis, University of Melbourne
Connecting for Health: The Role of Networks and Partnerships in Improving Health and Wellbeing

Economic and Social Determinants of Health

Professor Bruce Hollingsworth, Monash University
The Determinants of Health in Australia: An Economic Framework with Public Health Implications