17 Oct, 2011 Last updated: 29 Jan, 2015

The final report of the three-year VicHealth project highlights the significant gains in awareness of active travel at local government levels and the strategies that helped reduce some barriers, and identifies the changes needed to reduce others.

Download: Streets Ahead Program evaluation report 2008-2011 (1.24MB)

In 2008 VicHealth made a three-year investment in the Streets Ahead program. Targeting children aged four to 12, Streets Ahead aimed to create environments that increased children’s active travel and independent mobility in all aspects of their local community life, with a focus on travelling to and from school.

Streets Ahead involved six local councils, who in facing the many challenges of the unique characteristics of their areas, used a great diversity of approaches and projects to make important gains, including having positive, significant impact on their own awareness and understanding of active travel.