2013 – 2016 Last updated: 01 Apr, 2021

The TeamUp campaign has now ended.

TeamUp provides opportunities across hundreds of sports and activities for people to get active when and where they want. TeamUp has enjoyed more than 28,000 downloads already, and the TeamUp community continues to grow.

VicHealth's TeamUp is an initiative that encourages Victorians to get active by making physical activity accessible, fun and social. From organised activities including Zumba, netball, pilates, jogging groups and group fitness, to more recreational pursuits such as bike riding, walking, yoga and swimming, there are activities for all fitness levels and interests.

There are no memberships, no personal bests or records to break, the only pre-requisite is that it’s social, it’s about teaming up. 

Available for free as an app for smartphones, or via the website teamup.com.au, TeamUp is easy to use and available to all Victorian adults. 

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TeamUp helps people overcome some of the key barriers to participation in physical activity, such as time, cost, transport, a lack of social connection and not having someone to get active with.

VicHealth's TeamUp can be used by both individuals and sporting organisations alike (of any scale). Users simply download the app or go to the website, sign up and begin searching for local groups, activities and events to get involved in. TeamUp can also be used to create new physical activities, or to stay motivated by connecting with nearby training buddies.