Jul 2015 – Jun 2018 Last updated: 21 Jun, 2017

The VicHealth State Sport Program will make it easier for all Victorians to get physically active and make healthier eating choices when they’re playing sport in their local community.

VicHealth will work together with 23 State Sporting Associations (SSAs) to break down some of the common barriers to participation in traditional sporting activities, including time constraints, accessibility and cost. 

The State Sport Program will enable SSAs to deliver new ideas that are tailored to suit people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate in sport, get physically active and make healthier eating choices in sporting environments. 

The State Sport Program will focus on two areas:

  • Tailoring the way SSAs deliver their sport to attract and retain people who aren't active enough. Many of the new initiatives offer a simple variation on a traditional sport - a low-cost, social format which allows people to play in a short amount of time. 
  • Making the healthy choice the easy choice in community sport. Through this program, a number of SSAs are championing healthy food and beverage choices on the field, in the clubhouse and across the community.

The efforts to increase physical activity within the State Sport Program form part of the VicHealth Physical Activity, Sport and Walking Investment Plan (2014 to 2018) – a strategic approach to making physical activity participation part of everyday living, and competitive and social sport.

Successful State Sporting Associations set to deliver game-changing healthy sporting projects include: 

  • AFL Victoria* 
  • Badminton Victoria 
  • Baseball Victoria* 
  • Basketball Victoria** 
  • Blind Sports Victoria 
  • Bowls Victoria 
  • Calisthenics Victoria 
  • Canoeing Victoria 
  • Cricket Victoria 
  • Cycling Victoria 
  • Football Federation Victoria 
  • Golf Victoria 
  • Gymnastics Victoria 
  • Hockey Victoria 
  • Lacrosse Victoria 
  • Lifesaving Victoria 
  • Netball Victoria** 
  • National Rugby League - Victoria
  • Swimming Victoria 
  • Tennis Victoria 
  • Touch Football Victoria**
  • Triathlon Victoria 
  • Yachting Victoria 

* healthy eating focus 
** focus on both healthy eating and physical activity