Last updated: 26 Apr, 2017

Applications are now closed.

The VicHealth Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Grant Round aims to build collaborative research partnerships with the potential to address the impact of global megatrends on specific UN Sustainable Development Goal targets.

In December 2016, VicHealth, World Health Organization, the International Network of Health Promotion Foundations, CSIRO and the Melbourne School of Global and Population Health together convened the Destination Wellbeing forum.

The forum's objective was to refine global and local priorities and to prompt a new wave of health promotion research. Participants agreed that research addressing the intersection of global megatrends and UN Sustainable Development Goals would best enable policymakers, leading practitioners and service providers face the public health and health promotion challenges of the next thirty years.

VicHealth is interested in receiving short research proposals that may lead to development of a two-year research partnership that would foster cross-sectoral, international collaboration.

VicHealth will provide up to $20,000 over one year for each project. Up to five projects will be funded in this round. Upon successful delivery of the one-year project, up to two research partnerships will receive additional funding of $200,000 over two years.

As an industry partner, VicHealth aims to:

  • Encourage and develop strategic research partnerships between higher education institutions and practitioners and policy makers to advance knowledge in health promotion and public health.
  • Support small cross disciplinary teams working on practical problems that have the potential to generate large health gains for population groups.
  • Generating applied research outcomes that can be used to make a difference to the health of Victorians.
  • Generate research and knowledge that is immediately useful for health promotion practice.
  • Increase the communication and translation of research in innovative ways.
  • Develop partnerships between policy makers, influencers, and practitioners.
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To be considered for funding, proposals must address at least one the global megatrends identified by CSIRO and one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals targets identified by VicHealth as specially relevant to challenges in health promotion.

Projects must also contribute to the evidence base for achievement of at least one of VicHealth’s strategic imperatives.

Applications must be from partnerships of at least one Victoria-based institution, at least one international institution, and at least one health promotion industry partner.


Grant Process

Applicants can apply online by completing a project summary/concept which will cover:

  • Administering organisation details
  • Potential or confirmed partner organisations
  • Project Contact
  • Project title and timelines
  • Project overview
  • Policy and practice implications
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VicHealth will provide up to five applicants with $20,000 each to develop a research report on implications of global megatrends for achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal targets. This report may be accompanied by a proposal for additional two-year funding to commence in 2018. Following assessment, up to two applicants will receive larger grant of $200,000 to implement the project from 2018 to 2020.

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Applications must be submitted from researchers at an eligible administering institution (research organisation or university) based in Victoria. Applications must also partner with at least one internationally-based institution and at least one health promotion industry partner such as a policymaker, practitioner and service provider.  

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 Opening date for grants

9am, Monday 3rd April 2017

 Closing date for grants

3pm, Friday 28th April 2017

 Announcement of Successful Applications

Friday 2nd June 2017

 Commencement of VicHealth funding

June 2017

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To be submitted in final reporting.

  1. Completion of the Final Report template, and
  2. 5,000 word (maximum) research summary
  3. Summary of expenditure of one-year funding
  4. (To be strongly considered for the additional two-year funding) A partnership proposal comprising an implementation plan, confirmed partners and indicative budget (to budget of $200,000 over two years in 2018-2020).

The completed reports should be sent by email to [email protected] and the VicHealth contract manager.

Please ensure the VicHealth Project ID is in the header of the report document, and also in the subject box when submitting your report by email.

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For enquiries or for a copy of the VicHealth Standard Funding Agreement, please email [email protected]

See our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.