25 Nov, 2010 Last updated: 08 Nov, 2018

Emergency and health services, unions, sports and entertainment stars have joined forces to urge all Victorians to demand that “not one more” woman become a victim of family violence.

Emergency and health services, unions, sports and entertainment stars have joined forces to urge all Victorians to demand that “not one more” woman become a victim of family violence.

The urgent call to action comes as new Victoria Police figures reveal that between 1 July 2009 and 30 June 2010, 35,720 family incidents* were reported to police, 12,703 of which involved children.

In just one month between White Ribbon Day and Christmas 2009, 3,245 family incidents were reported.

To demand an end to this shocking violence, media and the public are invited to participate in the Not 1 More event at Federation Square to commemorate victims of domestic violence, 25 November, from 10.30am to 8pm. The event is open to the community and entry is free.

Victorian Health Promotion Foundation CEO and White Ribbon ambassador, Todd Harper, said even one incident is too many.

“It is inconceivable that between this White Ribbon Day and Christmas Day this year, more than 3,000 Victorians, mostly women, will report an incident of family violence to police – and who knows how many more will remain silent,” Mr Harper said.

“All Victorians can do their part to prevent this from happening, by pledging never to harm a woman and never to stay silent when a woman is being harmed. As a community, we must insist on a future for women that is safe, equal and free from abuse.”

Co-founder of the international White Ribbon Campaign, Michael Kaufman, has flown from Canada to give the keynote speech at Not 1 More. He says it’s vital that men publicly condemn violence against women.

“I urge all men to swear this White Ribbon Day. Do so for the woman hiding her bruises from her workmates. And do so for every woman who, at this very minute, is living in fear that tonight will be the day that he finally kills her.

“I believe that strong men are loving men who live with respect for women and reject abusive, dominating, and derogatory behaviours towards all the women in our lives. That’s what White Ribbon Day is all about.”

Family violence survivor Sahar will be one of many who attend Not 1 More to remember those who have passed away and to demand an end to women’s suffering.

“I know how hard it is. I suffered with my children for 13 years at the hands of a very violent husband,” Sahar said. “Family violence affects a person forever, but if I can advocate for change and give hope to women I can help them turn over their lives.”

Media are invited to: Not 1 More (White Ribbon Day)
Federation Square, Melbourne
10.30am to 8pm, Thursday 25 November, 2010.

High profile ambassadors, police, union spokespeople, health experts, women who have experienced family violence and parents of women who have died as a result of family violence are available to talk to media before, during and after the Not 1 More event. 

10.30am: Official opening with Attorney-General Rob Hulls.

10.45am: Comedian and 7pm Project panellist Dave Hughes takes the pledge.

11am: Schools and young people No Means No show and Ashlee Bellchambers (X-Factor).

12pm: Sports people Sharelle McMahon, Eugene Arocca and Peter Schwab talk about campaigns and programs run by Australian netball, AFL and football.

12.30pm: Walk Against Violence More than 500 people will walk with Melbourne Storm and Father Bob McGuire to peacefully protest family violence (walkers leave 10.30am, arrive 12.30pm).

1.30pm: Emergency Services Detective Inspector Glenn Davies will talk about the Victoria Police initiatives to prevent violence against women, plus Metropolitan Fire Brigade ambassadors.

3pm: Aboriginal performers Music legend Kutcha Edwards and emerging singer/songwriter Rachelle Briggs-Wirrpanda, with Yung Warriors and dance by Koori Youth Will Shake Spears.

4pm: Unions Recently an Australian union achieved world first workplace entitlements for people experiencing domestic violence. Union leaders will outline initiatives to prevent family violence.

4.30pm: Survivor advocates Jen, Sahar and Cathie share their inspirational stories.

5.40pm: Loudest Shout challenge Local governments across Melbourne compete to see who has the loudest shout.

6.10pm: White Ribbon Ambassadors Nick Mazzarella, (Ambassador of the Year), Michael Kaufman (Co-Founder of White Ribbon and International guest), Stephen Tragardh (Victoria Police) and Stephen O’Malley (Metropolitan Fire Brigade).

Media enquiries: VicHealth: Jane Gardner 03 9667 1319 / 0435 761 732 (experts/ambassadors)
Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service Victoria: Jane Ashton 03 9928 9614/ 0419 328 938 (interviews with survivors of family violence)

* Family incidents are incidents that police have been called to attend where there is a relationship between the people involved, whether it be blood relations or otherwise. If you are in immediate danger call 000 or go to www.wdvcs.org.au