2010 Last updated: 14 May, 2018

Based in Melbourne, the Young and Well CRC is a world first collaboration that brings together researchers, not-for-profit organisations, government and industry partners with young people.

The Young and Well CRC is an Australian-based, international research centre that unites young people with researchers, practitioners and innovators from over 70 partner organisations, including VicHealth, to explore the role of technology in young people's lives, and how those technologies can be used to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

Youth is a critical period for social and emotional development, a time when people aged 12-25 face serious challenges like cyber bullying and discrimination. One in four young people experience mental health difficulties, disrupting relationships, education and work. Over 75% of mental illness and substance abuse occurs in the young, yet only 29% seek help. Poor mental health directly relates to suicide and violence.
Over 95% of young Australians use the internet daily, dramatically changing the ways they interact with one another, their families and communities. An unprecedented opportunity exists to engage young people to utilise these technologies for cybersafety, mental health and wellbeing.
During the next five years the Young and Well CRC will conduct a number of research projects to help address issues relating to:

  • Cybersafety and fostering respectful relationships online
  • Youth suicide, with a focus on young men
  • Problematic alcohol and other drug use in young people
  • Discrimination and violence towards marginalised groups of young people
  • Eating disorders in young people
  • Young people living with a disability or chronic illness