Australians' attitudes to violence against women

Findings from the 2013 National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey (NCAS). This survey tells us how far we have come in challenging a culture that allows violence against women to occur. More

Alcohol misuse beer

Inequities in alcohol-related chronic disease

This report examines a range of factors that influence alcohol consumption and vulnerability to alcohol-related chronic disease in Victoria, including age, gender, residential location and social disadvantage. More

Walk to School

Walk to School registrations now open

The event is designed to raise awareness of the physical, environmental and social benefits of active transport (walking to school), and encourage school children to walk to and from school more often. More

David Halpern

VicHealth Leading Thinkers Initiative

Generating and provoking new thinking, inspiring momentum, enabling change, supporting and deepening relationships across sectors and delivering results for all Victorians. More

Funding open – Active Club Grants

Up to $3000 of funding support is available for your community sport or active recreation club/organisation to increase participation in regular physical activity.

New online tool to enhance workplace cultural ...

Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane will tomorrow launch a free online tool to help businesses enhance productivity through a culturally diverse workplace.


Australians' views on violence against women ...

An alarming number of Australians are ready to excuse rapists and men who control, intimidate, bash and kill women and many apportion blame to the victim, a new report reveals.


VicHealth's funding for local sport and recreation ...

Local sport and active recreation clubs now have two opportunities to apply for VicHealth’s Active Club Grants, which aim to get more people in Victoria physically active.


Drunk women to blame for rape: survey

ONE in five Australians believe a woman is partly responsible for rape if she is drunk and one in six support the notion that women


One in five Australians believe drunk women 'partly ...

One in five Australians believe a woman is "partly

17.09.2014   Prime7 - Yahoo!7

Australians still trivialise and excuse violence ...

The latest National Community Attitudes Survey on Violence against Women (NCAS), released today, shows that most measures

17.09.2014   The Conversation

Excess Salt Intake Can Kill You

While salt makes food edible and tasty, various studies conducted by researchers from across the globe has revealed that salt

27.08.2014   International Business Times

Melbourne railway commuters encouraged to ditch ...

The Bourke Street stairs at Melbourne's Southern Cross Station have been transformed into a scenic garden to motivate commuters

24.08.2014   Australasian Leisure Management

Time to stand up for your health

Do you ever take much notice of how much time you spend sitting at your desk?

19.08.2014   Australian Doctor

Loving thy neighbour is good for the heart

Ever felt like your neighbour's antics could drive you to an early grave?

19.08.2014   Sky News Australia

Women earn less than men as gender gap grows

AUSTRALIAN women are earning less today than ever before, compared with their male colleagues, sparking cries for “bold measures”

15.08.2014   Herald Sun - Business

Don't let hard work kill you

There's one simple tip that may help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancers.

14.08.2014   The Age

Industry Insight - How men can do more

Ziff Davis' Beau Ushay, discusses how men can do more, in an industry dominated by them.

13.08.2014   MCV Pacific

Racism part of daily reality for Legally Brown ...

AT the age of 28, comedian Nazeem Hussain is finally leaving home.


Smoking ban will be something to dine out on

REMEMBER returning home from a night out with friends with your hair and clothes stinking of smoke?

07.08.2014   Herald Sun - News

Booze too large a burden on the healthcare s ...

While state and federal politicians are trying to find ways to reduce the costs of Australia’s health budget –and are

06.08.2014   Grog Watch

Australia’s daily alcohol toll: 15 deaths and ...

Chronic disease and injury caused by alcohol has significantly increased over a decade, causing 15 deaths and 430 hospitalisations

01.08.2014   The Conversation

VicHealth launch the Physical Activity Innovation ...

VicHealth is dedicated to getting more Victorians engaged in physical activity.

22.07.2014   Sports Business Insider

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