Technology and social connection programs

Technology provides many opportunities for new and creative initiatives that promote participation, social connection and community engagement.  

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Older people in Victoria who have internet access at home are more likely to participate in their community than those without (71% versus 29%, VicHealth Indicators Survey)

Australia has one of the highest internet usage rates in the world, and a high (and increasing) rate of mobile phone use. However, many Australians face barriers in accessing these technologies, especially Indigenous Australians, low-income earners and people with lower levels of education. 

VicHealth is committed to exploring the potential of technology to increase participation and create opportunities for social connection. 

Information and communication technologies, such as social media, can be used as a tool to increase participation on both local and global levels. These technologies give people greater opportunities to have their say and engage with community issues and activities.


Building evidence

VicHealth is researching the role of technology and new media in improving social connection. We aim to further develop the evidence base for the health benefits of using technology to increase social connection.

We are currently trialling new strategies for increasing social connection among under-represented groups in Victoria through technology and new media. 

Download Technology and older people: findings from the VicHealth Indicators Survey, identifying the characteristics of older Victorians most likely to use digital technologies compared to those at risk of being socially excluded as a result of not having access.