Where to start:

  • Read the categories and choose the appropriate award you wish to nominate for.
  • Go to the VicHealth AwardForce website awards.vichealth.vic.gov.au, register and login.
  • Decide how you will submit your nomination: written OR video.

Go to AwardsForce

2022 Victorian Health Promotion Awards criteria:

Completing your nomination:

  • Log into AwardsForce
  • Start here tab
    • Select the category you are nominating for.
    • Enter the name of the nomination in entry name.
  • Contact details tab
    • Complete contact details of the person submitting this nomination.
  • Nominee details tab
    • Complete details of the nominee.
  • Assessment criteria tab
    • Use the hints on the right of the criteria to know what you should address in each section.
    • If written, tick ‘written’ in nomination type then complete the three sections (summary, nomination description and outcome). Please note: do not exceed the word limit.
    • If video, tick ‘video’ in nomination type then record your video on your own camera/smartphone and use the suggested time allocation to ensure your video nomination does not exceed 5 minutes in total.
    • Finally, tick the last checkbox which gives VicHealth permission to use material from your nomination for marketing/promotional purposes.
  • Harmful Industry Declaration
    • Tick the check boxes and fill out the necessary information if you are disclosing you and/or your organisation has a relationship with a harmful industry.
  • Attachments tab
    • Video nomination - submit your 5-minute video.
    • Video AND written nominations - Please include up to five images as well, as these will be used when finalists are announced. You can also attach up to two pieces of evidence such as evaluation or survey results to support your nomination. This is optional and will not be scored.

Things to keep in mind:

  • In the Start here tab, please make sure you select the right award you are nominating for.
  • Read the criteria carefully when preparing your answers.
  • There is no need for graphics, other vision or high-level editing if completing a video nomination. You will not receive extra points for how good the video is edited. The aim is to show the impact of the nomination. It can simply be you on your smartphone answering the criteria.
  • Please ensure you keep to the word limits AND time limits.
  • Please be aware of the size limits of your attachments and read the limits carefully on the Attachments tab.
  • For all nominations, please include at least 5 images. This will accompany the nomination and if it becomes a finalist, the images will only be used for promotion/marketing purposes.