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The impact on our health

8 Sep 2023
News 3 min read
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Breathing in the aerosols from e-cigarettes can lodge fine metal particles deep into our lungs

This increases the risk of lung injuries, seizures, asthma attacks, bronchitis and in rare cases, death. 

A single disposable e-cigarette product (vape) can contain as much nicotine as 50 traditional cigarettes and cost as little as $5. 

This is alarming when we know that nicotine is highly addictive and can impede brain development. 

In addition to the damage vaping can do to physical health, it can also impact mental health. Growing international research shows vaping increases the risk of mood and anxiety disorders and can worsen symptoms of depression. 


Vapes contain up to 200 dangerous chemicals

  • Video descriptive transcript

    Video plays, we see the words:

    Vapes contain up to 200 dangerous chemicals that are inhaled deep into the lungs.

    A cloud of vape smoke fills the screen.

    Toxic ingredients are listed: 

    Acrolein. Found in weed killer  
    Acetonitrile. Found in car exhaust fumes  
    Arsenic. Found in rat poison 
    Cadmium. Found in batteries  
    Formaldehyde. Found in preservatives in morgues 
    Benzene. Found in gasoline  
    Chlorine. Found in bleach  
    Glyoxal. Found in hospital-grade disinfectant 
    Toluene. Found in aviation fuel 
    Xylene. Found in paint stripper. 

    We see the words: 

    Know what you're really vaping.

    We see the URL:

    Video ends.

Chemicals hiding in a vape


Found in weed killer


Found in car exhaust fumes


Found in rat poison


Found in batteries


Found in preservatives in morgues


Found in gasoline


Found in bleach


Found in hospital-grade disinfectant


Found in aviation fuel


Found in paint stripper

“The impact of vaping on my son and his friend's mental health has been very obvious and quite extreme. His symptoms included agitation, anxiety, vomiting and a loss of appetite.” 

mother of 14-year-old boy

Watch Dr. Sandro Demaio and Dr. Lexi Frydenberg talk about what support is available to people wanting to quit or simply get more information on vaping.



Vaping and mental health

Help is available


One study found current e-cigarette users have double the odds of a depression diagnosis compared to those who have never vaped. 

If your kids are experiencing mental health challenges related to vaping, we encourage you to get support from Quit via their website or phone 13 7848.

There are a range of youth mental health services available for young people including; 

If your kids are experiencing mental health challenges related to vaping, we encourage you to get support from Quitline - either call 13 7848, or visit to easily access resources for your current situation - from thinking about quitting and staying on track, to support for if you're smoking again, or to help others.

Telephone support, information and resources for young people aged 12 – 25, including physical, mental, and sexual health, and drug and alcohol services.  
1800 650 890

Support and informative articles on various mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD and self-harm. 

Support and counselling service for children aged 5 to 25, parents, carers and teachers. 
1800 55 1800

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