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VicHealth Strategy

Reshaping systems together for a healthier, fairer Victoria.

The next 10 years: 2023-2033


We all want good health and opportunities to thrive


We know places that we are born, grow, work, live, and play can have a huge impact on our health.  

From the food we can access, how we move our bodies, to the market forces driving our decisions.  

Today’s public health challenges are complex, and will impact lives across generations. 

This is not up to the individual. We need to focus on the ‘systems’ - the different actors and factors that impact on our health and wellbeing. 

By working together, with long-term investment, we can create a healthier, fairer Victoria. 

We're evolving our approach

Instead of tackling individual behaviour...

We're reshaping systems for a healthier, fairer Victoria.


Systems we're reshaping


Our work has the potential to reshape multiple systemic barriers to good health.

We know we can’t work across every issue, or intervene in every system. That’s why our strategy identifies the key areas where we can add the most value.


Equity lenses


Equity is at the heart of all our work.

We know that communities facing the greatest barriers are experiencing the poorest health outcomes.

And it's getting worse.

We must continue to respond to this widening gap, embedding equity into everything we do through these 3 lenses: 

Health and climate lens icon

Recognising the interdependency of human and planetary health.


Health and climate will underpin our work.

Community Led and informed icon

A commitment to agency and power-sharing.


Our work will continue to be community-led and informed.

Intergenerational wellbeing icon

Considering the health of Victorians today and tomorrow.


Intergenerational wellbeing is our goal.


Ten-year aspirations



Apple icon

Healthier, longer lives


Accelerate Victoria's progress toward the global goal of a one-third reduction in the leading chronic diseases affecting communities.



Money icon

Deliver economic value


Generate benefits of at least $1 billion to the Victorian economy and society by promoting good health and preventing disease.



Scales icon

Fairer health outcomes


Invest at least 30% of our budget towards action with priority communities - whether they're communities bound by a place, identity or interests.

And we’ll do this in partnership with...

Community, stakeholders and other government agencies.

Who will all see our strategy from different perspectives.

Below are key take-aways for some different groups.


What this means for you

  • People living in Victoria
    • Staying true to its remit as the state-wide agency, your health remains at the centre of all VicHealth decisions. Some of VicHealth’s work will create impact for everyone (e.g. policy change and mass social marketing) and some of the work  focus where systems create the greatest  barriers to good health. 
    • VicHealth will evolve its work to look at the systems that surround you (in particular those relating to your food, your neighbourhood, and economic conditions) and how the environment supports you achieving good health.
    • For many people, the greatest contributor to preventable death and reduced quality of life will be chronic disease. This strategy is focussed on preventing chronic disease and reducing the burden on the Victorian healthcare system and economy, so that it is better able to support all Victorians.
    • VicHealth recognises that much of the current decision-making power is unequally distributed and this strategy seeks to create opportunities for you to be involved in designing and determining your future and share your voice and lived experience.
    • VicHealth has purposefully embedded strategic lenses in this strategy that ensure that what it does today does not worsen things tomorrow, including, but not limited to, impacts related to climate change, wellbeing, and community leadership.
  • VicHealth partners
    • VicHealth’s model is only possible through its partnerships, and our existing and future partners from across sport, arts, culture, research, community, and food will be critical in executing this new strategy.
    • As VicHealth evolves to a systems-led approach, the language around our partnerships will change, however, these remain central and critical to the organisation’s actions.
    • VicHealth wants to deepen these connections and will seek to ensure every partnership is collaborative and outcome focussed. The organisation will need the arts and cultural sector, the sports sector, alcohol and tobacco advocacy partners and others just as much if not more than before.
    • Existing partners provide critical capability, capacity, and networks, without which VicHealth could not achieve the aspirations of this strategy.
    • Throughout this strategy VicHealth will require input from each of the existing and future partners in how to shift programs, initiatives and funding into this new systems framing. It will require partners to co-design how they can work with VicHealth together to bring this thinking to life.
    • This strategy has five levers, which detail how the strategy will come to life, and one of these is ‘Partnerships’. There is opportunity for continued partnerships, reshaped partnerships, and new partnerships.
    • The voice and lived experience of our existing and future partners and their connection to communities will continue to be a critical part of how we work, strengthen practice, and innovate.
  • The health promotion sector
    • VicHealth commits to continuing to push the envelope in pursuit of transformative change.
    • To scale the impact of this, not only will VicHealth be focussed on the ‘what’ of its work, but also the ‘how’ it is done. 
    • By trialling and testing innovative approaches and evaluating them, VicHealth will build evidence as to what works in the Victorian context and may be useful elsewhere. 
    • VicHealth will seek to be a convenor and capability builder within and for the sector, influencing resources, building capacity, and bringing together action and conversations between different people from different contexts.
    • For health practitioners outside of Australia, you will see VicHealth’s work as the organisation aligns to and joins global conversations. Where relevant, work will be mapped to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and VicHealth will retain its coveted membership with World Health Organisation. All of this is done in acknowledgment of our everconnected global society and in pursuit of transformational shifts in health outcomes for everyone, no matter where they are born.
    • This strategy itself is a contribution to the health promotion sector, and a conscious effort has been made to explain the frameworks underpinning the strategy, so that others seeking systems-change in health promotion may borrow from and localise the approach. 
  • The not-for-profit and community sector
    • As VicHealth evolves its approach to one of systems, existing and future partnerships will be needed in order to holistically address inequities. 
    • Victoria’s demographic landscape is rapidly shifting, and with our population reflecting the global majority, it is increasingly important that VicHealth partners with organisations that have authentic connections to various communities. 
    • This means VicHealth will partner with established organisations that have strong community roots, having existed for decades, as well as welcome opportunities with newer organisations, reflecting the change in Victoria. 
    • The strategy has also been formed to clearly articulate what VicHealth will not do, and therefore other partnership opportunities may arise across the Not-for-Profit sector, to enable VicHealth to not play a direct role, and instead retain focus on the vision and aspirations of this strategy.
  • Government
    • For local government: VicHealth looks forward to continuing its deep, place-based partnerships as it invests long-term for those communities facing the greatest barriers to good health. This will involve building on existing partnerships and creating new ones. VicHealth can complement the work of local government through its power to convene, provide technical capability, contribute to funding, and evaluate impact.
    • For state government: VicHealth will continue to be a trusted advisor and partner, contributing to state policy and action related to health promotion and prevention. VicHealth will continue to use its investment to deliver better health outcomes for Victorians, and to decrease the burden of preventable health conditions for government, demonstrating the high return on investment of prevention.
    • For federal government: VicHealth recognises that what happens at a federal level influences and impacts Victorians.  VicHealth will be a trusted voice for the sector and Victorians communities, influencing and informing federal policy and action for better, fairer health outcomes.

Evolution of our strategic imperatives


We still work with the imperatives outlined in the 2013-2022 strategy...


More on the strategy behind these systems

Purpose, role, aspirations, oh my!

Get all the detail in our official strategy document.

We’re led by our purpose

To reduce and eliminate barriers to good health.

By working together with Victorians and Victorian communities who face the greatest systemic inequity.

It’s why VicHealth exists. 

Our vision is for all Victorians, but we’re also focusing on the people and communities who face the greatest systemic barriers to good health and wellbeing. 

  Illustration of a busy street scene in a local community. People walking on the streets, playing in the park and hanging out in their homes.

We stay true to our role

To build and use VicHealth’s influence, independence, relationships, voice, and expertise.

Today’s public health challenges are complex, and will impact lives across generations. Now, more than ever, we must work together to achieve this shared vision of a healthier, fairer Victoria. 

We’ll be working in partnership with community, stakeholders and other government agencies to overcome the systemic barriers to good health.  

  Illustration of a park and playground with shops in the background and a diverse range of people interacting with the scene.

Innovation highlights over the years

Artwork by Dexx (Gunditjmara/Boon Wurrung) ‘Mobs Coming Together’ 2022
VicHealth acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land. We pay our respects to all Elders past, present and future.
This website may contain images, names and voices of deceased people.

VicHealth acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

Artwork Credit: Dexx (Gunditjmara/Boon Wurrung) ‘Mobs Coming Together’ 2022, acrylic on canvas. Learn more about this artwork.