Are you one of the two-thirds of Australians who don’t get enough exercise? It’s time to get active, now.


By being physically active regularly you will enjoy:

  • better mental wellbeing and social connections
  • reduced chances of chronic disease
  • increased energy and productivity
  • positive changes to the environments we live and play in, such as reduced traffic congestion and safer neighbourhoods.

Keep active this summer

  • Get your skates on and head to an ice skating rink
  • Dive into action at one of the many swimming pools around Victoria
  • Get your blood pumping by signing up for a fun run
  • Walking around a shopping centre is an easy way to get your recommended daily 10,000 steps in.


More ideas for being more active, more often:

  • Get more inspiration and learn about great activities for women at This Girl Can
  • Take a walk – choose the long route to the station or stop, park further away or jump off the bus or tram a few stops early.
  • Count your steps – wear a pedometer and challenge yourself to taking more steps every day.
  • Join or start a lunchtime walking group at work. 
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift
  • Cycle to work or walk your kids to school. Encourage your school to sign up to our annual Walk to School initiative.

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