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This Girl Can - Victoria Podcast: Natasha's Episode

15 Feb 2021
Podcast 10:25
This Girl Can - Victoria ambassador Natasha

VicHealth’s This Girl Can – Victoria podcast is all about women who are giving it a go without judgement

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This week, we meet Natasha who feels completely real when she gets active.

Episode 6: Natasha

Natasha is a ‘body positive’ personal trainer who celebrates the uniqueness of every body.   

By empowering and inspiring her clients to move and celebrate what their bodies can achieve rather than how they look, Natasha sees being physically active as key to living a happy life. 


  “Exercise is mental for me. It’s emotional for me. It makes me appreciate what I can do in my body now…and it’s also just nice to connect with one’s physical self.”


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This Girl Can - Victoria ambassador Natasha Missed an episode? In the previous episode we met with Kirsten who never really enjoyed sports as a child. It wasn’t until she was in her late 20’s that she started to see fitness as more than a means to an end, realising being active was key to her wellbeing and happiness. Listen to the previous episodes by searching for This Girl Can – Victoria wherever you’re listening to podcasts Transcript A full transcript of the episode, click here


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