Last updated: 12 Mar, 2021

Is your feed under the influence of the alcohol industry?

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Illustration of woman sipping wine

Erin, a 21-year-old from Melbourne, created this image in response to the sneaky tactics the alcohol industry uses to promote their products through social media influencers.


Alcohol ad

This gif was inspired by the original image created by Ben, a 21-year-old from Melbourne, who wanted to highlight the fact that it isn’t always clear who is paying for advertising when it comes to alcohol product sponsorships.


How does the alcohol industry influence me?

The alcohol industry are champion ‘spin doctors’ who play us through their tactics – making us think alcohol is all fun and good times while knowing it causes a lot of hurt.

Alcohol companies in your Instagram feed through ads and influencers? Don’t be fooled - go your own way.


Where does this information come from?

Research that helps you separate the fact from fiction.

Get the facts here.


This blog post is part of our exploration on unhealthy alcohol industry tactics.