Last updated: 28 Jul, 2021

New Fellows announced

Congratulations to the successful recipients of our latest Research Fellowship program. 

Research is at the heart of VicHealth’s work and after 10 years, we have brought back our Research Fellowship program. 

VicHealth is excited to announce that Dr Hannah Pitt and Dr Christina Zorbas from Deakin University have each received a 3-year VicHealth Research Fellowship to support the important work taking place to improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians.  

 2021 VicHealth Research Fellows: 

  •  Dr Hannah Pitt, Deakin University 
    • Dr Pitt has strong research links with Victorian Local Government Authorities and is a member of Local Government Working Groups related to public health issues. Dr Pitt will work closely with VicHealth to examine how local governments can effectively engage young people in public health advocacy strategies. Many local governments have youth engagement and pathway plans. However, very few of these plans specifically consider how young people may be effectively engaged in public health advocacy strategies. Youth have powerful but underutilised voices in responding to public health issues. This project will utilise focus groups and deliberative dialogues, from the perspectives of young people and local governments, to provide a practical toolkit for Victorian local governments to mobilise youth engagement in public health advocacy initiatives. 
  • Dr Christina Zorbas, Deakin University 
    • Dr Zorbas is an Accredited Practising Dietitian whose mixed-methods research advances our knowledge of equitable food policies, particularly with respect to food and beverage pricing policies. The fellowship program provides Dr Zorbas a unique opportunity to work alongside VicHealth to identify food policy options that reflect the voices and values of those experiencing health inequities. The voices and values of those experiencing social and economic exclusion are underrepresented in food policy decisions, research and advocacy efforts. This project aims to address this critical gap by identifying food policy options that reflect the voices and values of those experiencing health inequities. Findings will be embedded into strategies to increase political commitment for adopting equitable food policies. 


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